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Seokjun Kim

DevOps recognised as javascript full-stack developer.
Hardware Prototype Professional
Seoul, Korea / / LinkedIn


To explain what I've been done for my own pleasure and, of course, for my living.

Summary Qualification

  • Experienced at full stack javascript framework such as Node.js, Express.js, React, React-Native, MongoDB and even Meteor.
  • Experienced at DevOps related works such as continuous integration, continuous deployment, server virtualisation, unit-test.
  • Both server (node.js) and client side (angular.js, iOS SDK) framework experienced expert developing highly user focused web application.
  • Specialist on fast prototyping both software and hardware including CAD and circuit design.
  • Very diverse skill set including (but not limited to) software development, Linux server administration, technical support, training/tutoring, UI/UX design, CAD and electronic circuit design.
  • Able to work independently, recognizing patterns/problems and developing and implementing solutions while also able to collaborate with a team, managing and delegating tasks appropriately and efficiently.
  • Experience as a developer, designer, and tutor has resulted in exceptional problem solving skills, critical thinking skills, and patience.


  • Native
    • Korean
  • Fluent
    • Japanese
    • English
  • Good
    • Portuguese

Technical Profile

* Belisted are only practically experienced.

Programming Languages:

Javascript, Objective-C, Swift, Node.js, Unity3D, CSS, HTML, Processing

  • Front-end: React, React-Native, Angular.js, SCSS, LESS, jQuery, iOS
  • Back-end: Node.js, Express.js, Sails.js
  • Database: MongoDB, Mysql
  • Etc: Gulp, Grunt, Yeoman, Shell Script
Softwares / Tools:

Docker, Travis-CI,, Git, GitHub, Bitbucket, Slack, Taiga, Cura, Adobe Creative Suites(Fireworks, Photoshop, Illustrator), SSH

Operating Systems:

Linux(Ubuntu, Debian), Mac OSX, Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8)


Arduino, Raspberry Pi

CAD & 3D

Rhinoceros, 123D Design, Sketchup, Eagle CAD, 3D Print

Professional Experience


DevOps. Oct. 2015 - Present

  • Developed various new features to SOCAR cordova hybrid mobile application for car sharing and improved a lot of UI changes including transition animation, touch scroll.
  • Adopted React to SOCAR's tech stack very successfully in development also in production by myself. SOCAR application's development speed and quality dramatically improved.
  • Reduced css selectors to one and half by migrating existing css to Scss preprocessor. Improved visual quality and application speed.
  • Lead development of most of new businesses such as ZEROCAR and D2D adopting new technology. Developed new node.js api server application and react-native mobile application including continuous integration/deployment, unit test, virtualization in production.

Full stack front-end developer. May. 2015 - Aug. 2015

  • Developed various new features to Hellomoney mainly related social sharing such as reddit and backlink from shared contents.
  • Worked with brilliant developers but also with designers and marketers directly. Recognised as good communicator especially between developers and non-technical based co-workers.

Founder, Hardware and Software Developer. Jun 2014 - Present

  • Founder of the non-commercial and hobbyist group that make electronic gadget prototype with hardware prototype platform such as arduino, raspberry pi or similar prototype board.
  • Educated hardware and software prototyping skills more than 500 people with our designed arduino compatible board.
Media Navi Co., Ltd.

Lead Developer, Mar 2013 - 2015

  • Developed Web/App subscription based comics service Kartoon Kup especially cut effect editor using jQuery and HTML canvas element.
  • Developed crowd F- funding platform which aims to support DIY makers both financially and technically.
Alma Creative Inc.

Founder, Mar 2011 - Feb 2013

  • Pubished SNS grouple for those who seeks groups to study certain subject such as language, software development and etc.
  • Published GPS tracking app for bicycle hikebike which aims to build relationship among the users. Recommened for people who cares visual designs.
  • Designed both grouple and hikebike from service to UI/UX. Also partially involved in iOS app development.
  • Developed hikebike server with Node.js (Express.js) and MongoDB including GPS data management, social activity such as news feed, follow/unfollow and facebook integration.
PCA LIFE Insurance Co., Ltd.

Digital Marketing Manager

  • Junior member of Digital & Social Marketing Team that represent Public Relation via SNS and company website also including insurance sales system management and planning.
Freelance / Hobbyist

Open Source Software and Harware Developer, 2012 - Present

  • Express.js based Community Currency Management System CCMS to motivate to share knowledge and skills in a community.
  • Various arduino project such as bluetooth and movement controlled light bracelet, toilet kits, sound visualizer and etc. (
  • Designed various 3D models including bracelet, bike, flower light and etc. Thingiverse, Youmagine
  • Devleoped open source web-based memo application MINIMO.
  • Developed open source e-commerce FLIT SHOP built with Node.js and MongoDB
  • Developed open source game EGG IMPACT built IMPACT.js. Top 3 ranked in indie game jam.
  • Developing open source business management software 4-WORK built with angular.js, sails.js and bootstrap and mongoDB

Seokjun Kim

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